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Following is the machinery with applications where we as representative or distributor have sold a variety of machine tools, cutting tools, cutting fluids, auxiliary equipment : viz., -


machining centers   turn-mills   multi-spindle machines   transfer machines & transflex machines

grinding machines for OD, ID, surface and Angle

broaching machines-broach cutters-broach sharpeners

balancing machines

super-finishing machines   surface treatment barrel-type machines   shot-peening machines

special machines for auto parts assembly

sheet metal presses forging presses

die-casting machines

turn-key supply of special production lines for automotive alternators or motors:viz., winding machines, armature turning machines, rotor turning machines, varnishing machines, palletizing/stacking machines 

Wire processing machines: Automatic welding, Wire forming, Automatic cutting for round and flat wire, Accessories, Special and Customized machines

Washing Machine, Zinc-flake Application Systems, Automatic Painting Plants, Decoration Plants, Special Plants, Automatic Fluidized Bed Plants, Coil Coating Lines and Coil Electro Galvanizing Lines

Thermoforming<in-line single station molds>, Metal Sheet<frigo door & cabinet washing drum oven cavity>, Presses<compression injection revamping>, Engineering<composite & fibers bonding & painting assembly>, CNC Milling<customized 3-5 axis mono or modular>, WaterJet cut<portal flying bridge robot>, Laser cut<plastic cutting integrated compact 2D/3D>, Automation<spraying & cutting cutting & milling spraying>

Straightening, inspection and finishing lines for bar, Forming machines



Automotive Industry 
  • Crankshaft & Camshaft for engine
  • Motor, Alternatior, Starter Motor, e-Vehicle Motor
  • CV Joint, Steering
  • Brake, Dics, Wheel
  • Air Condition, Compressor
  • Transmission, Front/Rear Axles
  • Shock Absorber
  • Prototyping, Modelling

Aircraft & Aerospace Industry

  • Landing Gears Parts
  • Gas Turbine Engine Parts
  • Fugelage Parts
  • Wings Parts

Railroad Industry

  • Crankshaft for Engine
  • Bogie
  • Carriage
  • Locomotive Maintenance Equipment

Shipbuilding - Offshore - Windmill Industry

  • JCO pipe press
  • Plate Roll Bender and Section Roll Bender
  • 3D curved cold press

Steel Mill Industry

  • Straightening - Inspection Lines  for bar
  • Forging presses with manipulator

Home Appliance Industry

  • Home appliance fabrication lines for refrigerator, dish washer, etc.
  • Wire processing machineries
  • Painting & Coating Fluidized Bed Systems

Composite Applied Industry

  • CFRP winding machines for poles
  • PEEK 3D Printing




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